Essay on Tourism in UAE 2022

As the trend for Dubai Expo 2020 is rising, we are seeing that the number of tourists. That are coming into Dubai has tripled, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. And as we’re doing our research on this, we noticed some questions that people have posted on a blog post. And users were asking about the best places to visit in Dubai 2022. So to provide them with the correct information, our team members and we have gathered various information and have noted all the old and new places that you should visit in 2022.


Why Is Tourism Important In UAE?

Now, as we were researching about various places in Dubai. We bumped into some questions that users were asking about “Why Is Tourism Important In Dubai” and to provide all of you with the correct answer, we had to go through various references and have discovered that more than fifty percent of Dubai GDP comes from Tourism. And the UAE government has invested billions of dollars in infrastructures that no one built and is the only country that can make those. They have also invested in a lot of real estate and other fields so that they could visit their country and purchase various items to increase their wealth


The Best Time to Visit Dubai In 2022

As we were writing all the best places, we bumped into some queries in which people have asked “What The Best Time To Visit Dubai” So to provide you with the correct answer our team members and we had gone through various references and discovered that the months that are perfect for traveling to Dubai is the month of November to March. The reason behind this is that we have found that the temperature in those months is considered as pleasant and you will be able to enjoy the trip comfortably and correctly.


The Best Places to Visit Dubai

In this section, we will tell you about the places if you decide to Travel to UAE, and we will also tell you about sites you need to visit if you are visiting Dubai in 2022.


Dubai Creek

As you all know that are countless articles on Dubai Tourism. However, everyone is saying the same thing repeatedly, and all of us are tired of it now. So we got some assistance for this one and asked different travelers. Suppose a new person has decided that he wants to travel to Dubai. What’s the first place that he should Visit. They said that most people probably go to Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab. But no one talks about the other places. If a person has decided that he want to come to Dubai, then the first place that he should visit is Dubai Creek.


The reason behind why we have given Dubai Creek the first position. On to our list is that once you go, you will find and discover a majestic view of the crystal clear ocean. Some travelers have also named the place as the treasure chest of Dubai. Some even said that during sunrise, its Beauty is at its peak.


Deira Souks

Let say that you have brought your wife to Dubai. But Don’t know where to take her for shopping. However, you don’t have to worry about that because, in this session, we will be telling you about Deira  Souks. This place is also named as the Gold Street of Dubai. Once you go there with your wife, she will be crazy about seeing various new items for sale. And will definitely want to purchase some, and if you don’t, how to go to Deira Souks. Then don’t worry, we will tell you, Al-Ghubaiba is a place where you find a boat that will drop you at Deira Souks for One AED.

The second way is through Al-Ras Metro station. And the other good thing about the gold street is that if you purchase a gold item from you, you will not VAT tax for any jewelry or gold item. It is also considered as a “Tax-Free Heaven.”


Dubai Aquarium

As there are countless essays about Dubai, some of them may even have mentioned Dubai Aquarium. But do you know what travelers call it “The Under Water Zoo”? As you all may know that Dubai has one of the craziest imaginations. When it comes to the infrastructure, they have made it possible and told the world that it could be built. They even made the Dubai Aquarium that everyone thinks was impossible to develop. But they made it possible and made the first and only largest Aquarium in the world.

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