How Students Can Make Money from the Trading of Digital Currencies In 2022

So let us commence with Currencies today’s discussion.


What Is Cryptocurrency?


Before we commence with today’s discussion. First, let us tell our new readers, “What is Cryptocurrency?”. As all of you may know that the first decentralized currency was Bitcoin. And it was first presented on white paper in 2008. And in 2012, it was being sold for ten dollars per coin.


During its initial months, no one was investing in Bitcoin as there were a lot of bad gossips. However, few people started to invest in BTC. And when it reached eighty dollars per coin. And thank’s to the provided UAE assignment help; we were able to Discover that.


Big companies began to notice it, and some of them, like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and other big companies, invested in crypto. As BTC reached 120$ per coin, then massive gossip occurred. In which countless people started to invest in BTC.


Hence, in 2016 when BTC skyrocketed and was going fifty thousand USD. It hit the news as a bullet fired from a gun. And various new channels diverted their attention toward cryptocurrencies. And in 2021, there are more than fifty-plus cryptocurrencies, and every single person is investing in them.


Digital Currencies That Student’s Should Invest In

In this session, we will be telling you about the few digital currencies that students should invest in.


LTC (Litecoin)

As we were doing our survey, we saw that not many students knew that LTC was going for one hundred ninety dollars per coin. This was also considered the first digital currency that followed BTC’s footsteps.  And this currency was built on a massive platform that is open-source and control by a central authority.


ADA (Cardano)

The following digital currency that students should know of is Cardano. Its total market value is considered at seventy-one billion dollars. And experts believe that in the next five years, it will cross the two hundred billion mark. In the current market, ADA is going for three dollars per coin.


DOGE (Dogecoin)

As you all may know that Elon musk has been telling people to invest in Dogecoin for quite a while. The reason behind this is because according to the data provided by MBA assignment help in Dubai. And some experts were able to discover that in the next two years, Dogecoin will skyrocket and will make its name in the top five list.

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