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Essay on Future Blockchain Summit UAE 2022

As everyone in the world has started to trade in crypto and big companies like Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft are raking up a massive load of money in 2021. But as we’re going through various articles about them, we saw that there will be a blockchain summit in Dubai that dates that were announced were 4 or 5 Feb in 2022. And that’s not all; as we were further reading about this topic, we saw that people have posted various questions about the summit, and not just this, we also saw that questions were posted on multiple social media platforms. So our team and we had gone through various references and have written down all the essential data that we think our reader should know.

All of us are seeing a massive rise in blockchain technology and exchanges in decentralized exchange. And with the current rates of bitcoin and ethereum, everyone worldwide is trying to predict which cryptocurrency will take the throne and give everyone a complete shock. And as we are seeing this current change in digital currency rates. Some experts believe that blockchain technology will further improve the future of the world and will also further improve third-world countries.


Why Is the Blockchain Summit Happening In Dubai?

Now, as mentioned that when we were going through various references, we saw that people were asking different questions. So we had tried to provide them with the correct answer, but they were not satisfying with the answer they got. So in this section, we will be telling the reason behind why the future blockchain summit is happening in Dubai. When the Dubai expo 2020 started its first initial days.

The UAE government also reported that when stating the first initial days of the Dubai expo2020, we had seen a massive rise in various business sectors and especially the tourist sector where we have seen an enormous increasing of foreigners, and because of this, they suspected that the number of visiter who are coming to Dubai had broken all previous records. And there were other sectors that have gained a massive rise. So there was a lot of gossips behind that the UAE government was also trying to hold the summit, which was later filed as Blockchain Summit Dubai.


What Is Blockchain Technology?

As we were going through all of this, we have also seen that users were searching about how blockchain works. So in this para, we will discuss how blockchain works? And how it is gaining too much attention well, to answer that question, you will need to look back at the previous data and need to understand how much blockchain technology has grown. With the assistance of decentralized exchange and decentralized crypto exchange software, countless people have provided good reviews about decentralized exchange. With the aid of advanced blockchain technology and a well-protected ten-layer encryption pattern, none could hack and the ease of transaction from person to person. It has the right to gain people’s support.


Is Blockchain The New Big Thing In The Third World Country

As we went through countless materials over the internet, we noticed the same question multiple times and on various domains. And that question was, “Is Blockchain the next big thing in the third world country.” multiple users were asking these types of questions. So we asked for some expert advice and asked him to give his reviews and also asked to enlighten if blockchain technology will further improve the third world countries. They said that we are currently seeing a massive rise in digital currency and a neck and neck fight between bitcoin and ethereum for the first position.

As countless experts are trying to predict which cryptocurrency will take the lead and give a tough fight to the top rankers. And as decentralized exchange and decentralized crypto exchanging software, further, improve and more people are getting attracting to it and not just people from eastern regions but also the western regions. And by following this current hype, experts believe that third-world countries will soon start to flourish.


How Can Technology Help To End Poverty?

As our world is further advancing to a technological world, countless people are trying to find out how to end poverty with the assistance of technology. Now you must be saying this to yourself what type of question is this? And with the cooperation of youtube, everything can be acquired quickly, right. But not everyone has the luxury to own an android or apple mobile phone, and some don’t have a proper internet connection. So in order to end poverty in the world, we will first need to educate the poor people so that they know how the current world works. And to tell them everything is possible with determination and hard work. Everyone has the right to achieve their dreams. And with the help of blockchain technology and decentralized crypto exchange software, every bit of information is at our reach.

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