The Best Ways to Avoid Academic Integrity Issues

A few decades back the academic world was not as complicated as it has become now. The competition is so tough that students with low moral values are always ready to spend time and money to buy unfair means, and compromise their academic integrity. Many students spoil their academic careers by making the mistake of compromising their academic integrity. Even the UAE assignment help who knows that hiring a writer is forbidden by a college never helps the students in writing their assignments. A legal essay-writing company will never help university students write their research papers if the university does not permit hiring a professional writer.

Types Of Academic Integrity Issues

There are many things that students do that are against the integrity of the school, the following are some major issues that need attention.


If you think about your student days, you will see that many students who are not serious about their studies try to cheat on papers. This is a common practice that starts right from junior school. At that time, the students are not aware of the consequences of this act and continue doing it. The students, unfortunately, develop the habit of cheating and take this to the university level. Several students ruin their careers each year by cheating, as there are such institutions that have very strict policies and make sure to follow them. Cheating is not only copying someone else’s test, showing someone your test so that he could copy is also cheating and the students found guilty have to pay a penalty.


One more thing that has become very common in the academic world is plagiarism. It is the act of submitting someone else’s work and claiming it to be his own. Many students copy content from different websites, blogs, magazines, and journals and make their assignments. Thanks to plagiarism detection software, nowadays, we can easily check content for plagiarism.


In trying to act smart, some students try to earn credits twice for a single content. They do it by using their last term paper and submitting it again in the present. It is not acceptable at all, and every student has to write his assignment to get credit for it. If he has already submitted an essay in his last term, he cannot resubmit it because the topic is the same.

Cheating in Tests or Exams

The students have such fertile minds that they always have new ideas for cheating. One such idea is that of sending someone to take their test. The student registers for an exam but does not appear in person and sends someone else in their place. It is a crime and students have to pay a penalty for it. In many cases the students are expelled from the college or university they study in.

Buying Or Getting the Term Papers by Any Means

The latest trend in the modern world of today is of hiring the best assignment help in UAE to do your assignments. Though this practice is legal but still many educational institutes find it to be unethical and against their values.

Using Unauthorized Aid

Most academic institutions inform their students about the things that they are permitted to take with them to the examination room and in most cases, cell phones and computers are not allowed. If a student uses any of these things during the exam he can be expelled or punished according to the regulations stated by the university. This practice is included in misconduct and should be avoided to get good credits and stay in the university for the next session.

Tips to Avoid Academic Integrity Issues

  • Most reputable educational institutions not only impart knowledge to the students but also tell them right from wrong and teach them basic codes of ethics. Educational institutes that care for their reputation never allow their students to get involved in unethical and illegal practices.
  • Just like a teacher’s job is to impart education it is the job of the students to make sure that academic integrity is maintained. The five values of integrity are honesty, respect, trust, fairness, and responsibility.  This is not a task that could be accomplished by a single party and the teachers and students have to work together to maintain good ethical practices in the university or college.
  • It is the responsibility of teachers to educate students about the integrity of your institute and how the students can maintain the best possible behavior without harming the integrity of the institution. Teachers should teach about what is dishonesty by explaining to them that copying a single word from someone else’s work is cheating and dishonesty. Letting someone else copy from you is also dishonesty.
  • The teachers should explain to the students all the consequences of cheating. They should know about the penalties that they have to pay and the legal action that the university might take against a student. The students who know that their careers can ruin act carefully and stay away from unethical practices.
  • You as a teacher should ensure that students implement integrity policies and follow them strictly.
  • One more thing that the teachers can do to make students stay on the path of honesty is to provide all the resources that they might need to do an assignment. The students should be provided with complete coursework. Try to answer all the questions in the minds of your students as the fewer questions they have in their minds the lesser their chances of compromising academic integrity.
  • The teachers should try to develop a relationship with every student so that the student feels free to get in touch with you when he has a question to ask.
  • The students should try to display their best when at college so that no one could question their upbringing.



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