What Career Opportunities Await Students with a CIPD Qualification?

A passionate HR professional is always looking for options to boost their career. They know that the world of HR is changing constantly. And they can’t just sit doing nothing as there is a lot of competition in this field. That is why it is important for them to keep on learning to get that competitive edge over others. And what can be a better option than doing CIPD? Well, it is like your golden ticket into the world of HR, opening doors to unlimited opportunities for HR professionals.

CIPD Qualifications

Well, I am sure that if you are an HR professional, then you already know what CIPD is. After all, it is quite important and valuable in the field of HR. You know CIPD is the short form for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. This qualification literally helps you elevate your career by opening various career opportunities for you in the world of HR. So, it is like a complete game-changer for you.

Have you ever played a video game? Well, the CIPD is just like that. It comprises three levels. And each level takes you to new heights in your career. Helping you get one step closer to the leading HR positions in your organization.

Levels of CIPD

As I mentioned before, the CIPD is divided into three levels. And with each level, you progress in your career as well.

  • Foundation Level 3 – The first level is the foundation level of CIPD, which is equivalent to A levels. It teaches you about the basics of HR, preparing you to step into this world successfully.
  • Intermediate Level 5 – This level takes you one step further into this world and teaches you about various HR procedures and policies. It is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Advanced Level 7 – Finally, this is the most challenging and yet the most valuable level of CIPD. Making you the King of the world of HR directly. It teaches you everything about HR, from simple to complex procedures. And makes you a pro at it.

Different Career Opportunities for CIPD Professionals

CIPD is quite a valuable qualification in the world of HR. And it can open the door to various HR career opportunities for you. And you can even specialize in some particular field to become a pro at that. However, you can apply for various HR roles after completing your CIPD. You don’t need to worry about your assignments, as you can find various CIPD assignment writing help online, too. So, here are some of your options after becoming a qualified professional:

HR Assistant

Well, if you are looking for entry-level options after your CIPD. Then an HR assistant is a good option for you. You can join this role even after completing your CIPD level 3, as this role requires foundation-level knowledge of HR. This role entails assisting leading HR professionals with their responsibilities. It is quite a suitable role if you want to learn.

Recruitment Consultant

So, if you are interested in the area of hiring and recruitment, then you can join the role of recruitment consultant as well. Hence, you will be helping companies in finding the right talent for them. Likewise, you will help people secure their dream jobs. So it is just like becoming a career Guru for them.

HR Advisor

Another important role that you can take over with your CIPD qualification is HR advisor. As the name states, you will become a valuable HR advisor for companies. Hence, they should be provided with guidance about HR policies, laws, and procedures. Well, this is quite an advanced role, so you will need to complete your level 3 or 7 for that. Hence, this qualification will equip you with all the right tools to possess this role.

Learning and Development Expert

Now, the next one on our list is a Learning and Development Expert. I must tell you that this is a specialist role. But you can really achieve that with your CIPD qualification. It is all about training and development of the human resources of your organization. To make sure that you have the right talent for your company with the best skills.

HR Manager

If you already have lots of years of experience in the field of HR. Then CIPD can help you progress in your career and even become an HR manager. It is just like sprinkling your CV with the right skills to make you an ideal candidate for this role having strong communication and leadership skills.

Employee Relations Specialist

Another specialist role that you can join after completing your CIPD is employee relations specialist. CIPD offers many such specialization courses that help you become a specialist in certain fields with all the necessary knowledge and the right skills.

OD Consultant

Well, OD means Organization Development. And yes, you can even join this role after you have completed your CIPD qualification. It means that you will play a key role in contributing to the development of your company.

Well, there are lots of other options for you, such as an HR business partner, talent acquisition specialist, and many more. It all depends on the level and scope of your CIPD qualification.

Final Words

So, in a nutshell, the CIPD qualification is your chance to open doors to numerous career opportunities in the world of HR. It is your chance to master the field that you want to specialize in and start your amazing career in that specific field. Otherwise, the CIPD qualification has lots of potential and will make you eligible for various HR opportunities. So, best of luck!

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