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5 Best Websites that Helps in Academic Research

Academic research plays a vital role in helping students with their assignment writing tasks. Unlike the past decades, the students of today have a lot of academic burdens to handle at a very young age. The main reason for this is the ever-increasing competition in the academic world. Educational institutions that impart quality knowledge always encourage students to research as it increases their knowledge. You will need to visit some authentic websites from where you acquire the knowledge required to write a perfect assignment.

Finding reliable information is a daunting task for students who want to do their assignments without any help from professional writers. They are always ready to go to college libraries, but there they have restricted access to academic resources. If you have the assignment to submit within a few days, you should use several websites to get the information that is needed for your assignment.

Useful Websites for Academic Research

When the students are in desperate need of information about a topic, they conduct extensive research for which they should visit credible websites.

Google Scholar

One of the best online resources has been helping the students with their assignment writing tasks as well as exam preparation. It is the best resource of knowledge for students who can do research in the simplest possible way without having to search for other resources. It offers complete knowledge about a variety of topics that include sciences and literature. No matter if you need help with your biology assignment or you are looking for some help to complete your sociology or statistics assignment, the best place to visit is Google scholar. The best features of the website are:-

  • You get all scholarly literature from one stop called Google Scholar
  • You can explore related authors, citations, publications, and the work of others
  • You have the facility of locating the full document both on the web and through your library
  • You get up-to-date information about any topic of study
  • You can create a public author profile and check who is citing your publication

Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a search engine or a website that is developed by Microsoft and is dedicated to academic activities like research. One unique feature of this website that makes it stand out is the availability of graphs, trends, and maps of your research trend. It is full of information in the form of different publications, journals, and research papers that students can consult instead of hiring cheap assignment help in UAE before writing the assignments.

Special features of Microsoft Academics

Like all other leading academic resources, Microsoft Academics also has some features that make it special. The following are the features that are the reason for the popularity of online resources.

  • It makes the best use of advances in AI technology or machine learning, knowledge discovery, and semantic inference to help you gather all the scholarly information most powerfully.
  • It is a semantic search engine that does not depend on the keywords that you use in the search box, it matches all the words related to the keywords used by you and then displays the most relevant information possible.


Bielefeld Academic Search Engine is one of the most informative search engines of the present time. It is known for the abundance of academic web resources that it offers for college and university students. The base has a huge treasure of preprints, journal articles, images/videos, and digital collections, making it one of the most popular search engines for the academic needs of students. The base hosts 240 million documents that come from more than 8000 content providers. It is operated by Bielefeld University Library.

Best Features Of Base

  • Qualified faculty of Bielefeld University double-check the content providers before indexing them.
  • Only the most relevant and matches the academic requirements of the quality standard are added to the website.
  • It offers multilingual searches and hosts searches in more than 20 languages.
  • The search engine results are displayed with precise bibliographic data.
  • It offers several options for searches, i.e. by date, by author name, or by title.
  • You can easily refine your search by subject, by DDC, or even by year of publication.


The core is the name of a website that offers open-access research papers that students can read before hiring cheap assignment help in UAE. The main mission of core is to provide unrestricted access to the academic resources that students need most efficiently. The Open University and Jisc offer a non-profit website service. At present, it hosts 207,255,818 open access contents that are collected from 10,635 data providers from around the world.

Popular Features of Core

  • It uses the latest and most effective data mining technology to facilitate the discoverability of the information that the students search for.
  • It enables others to develop new tools with the help of the Core platform.
  • It facilitates open-access journals and repositories network that contain innovative solutions using the latest techniques.


One of the search engines that students use the most to use for their assignment writing tasks is Refseek.  The name of the website reflects its main purpose. It is one of the best websites that aims to provide students and researchers with all the information that they look for effectively. Students can use it to search more than five billion documents that include science journals, webpages, books, research papers, newspapers, and encyclopedias. It offers the students with comprehensive coverage of all the topics that they want to gather information about.

Even though you want to hire professional writers for your assignments or not you should visit the leading websites. You can search the internet for the top resource website that they have used.

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