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7 MBA Programs in Finance in United Arab Emirates

Did you just get done with your undergraduate studies? And, now that you have picked out your major, you are looking to complete MBA programs in finance from the UAE. Well, let us tell you. It is honestly one of the excellent decisions you have made regarding your career. UAE is centered on high-quality education and remarkable institutions. Indeed, you guys are already aware, which is why your decision to study for an MBA in UAE was triggered.

Well, then, let us not waste any more time chit-chatting. And come directly to the reason why you clicked on our blog. That is to find out about the seven best MBA Programs being offered in the field of finance in the UAE.

7 Top-Notch MBA Programs in Finance Offered in the UAE

UAE, known for its remarkable education, offers note-worthy MBA Programs in different countries. These programs are a maximum of two years and are incredible for those who need to advance their career in the field of finance further. From excellent curriculum to practical experiences, these MBA programs have so much to offer their students.

Well, come on. Let us not sway away from the main point and discover the seven top-notch MBA programs UAE offers in finance. They are:

1. ISDC Global Business School – International Business and Finance

Here comes the first MBA program offered in the UAE. If you have a knack for accounting and finance related to international business, then this program is a perfect option. This is located in Sharjah and provides you with an on-campus learning opportunity.

Furthermore, for those of you wondering about the program duration, it is 14 months. If you want to learn more information about this institute, then you need to visit their website. From tuition fees to the application deadline, everything is available there. Now, let us discover another one of the programs. 

2. Exceed College – MBA In Finance, Woolf, Malta

Next on our list of MBA in finance programs in the UAE is from the exceeding college. This program is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to enhance their finance management roles. In this, from core modules to specialization, students are equipped with everything.

This program is advantageous for students majoring in finance. Wondering why? Throughout the course duration, you can develop analytical, decision-making, and risk management skills, which are essential in the financial areas of the organization.

Furthermore, this program is budget-friendly, with tuition fees starting from AE 35,000. Another incredible thing is that they offer distance learning, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own house. The duration of this course is 14 months. And, it is full-time. For those who need to visit their campus, it is in Sharjah.

3. INSEAD – Abu Dhabi Campus

Moving forward, INSEAD also offers MBA in finance programs. With its campus present in Abu Dhabi, it also offers distance learning. The goal of this minute is to prepare students to lead the world with their exceptional decision-making skills. For those of you wondering about its tuition fee, it costs around 98,500 as the program is full-time. Moreover, if you are wondering about opting for this program, we advise that you visit their website for further information. Also, for the application process and essay, seek MBA finance assignment help from professionals. They will guide you on how to submit your form. They can even prepare you for the interview. Now, let us move on to the other part.

4. Major in Global Banking & Finance at Lincoln University of Business and Management

For those of you interested in banking, this program offered by Lincoln University is exquisite. With its campus in Sharjah, the pace it offers is both full and part-time. Additionally, tuition fee starts from AE 39,200. Its course duration is 14-16 months. For further details, you can even visit their website.

5. Middlesex University Dubai – MBA (All Pathways)

For students who want to take up leadership roles, this MBA finance offers incredible opportunities. With its location in Dubai and another one in Europe, it offers you on-campus learning. The course duration is three semesters, and the cost for each one is EUR 925/ yearly.

6. Imperial School of Management – MBA in Finance

Here comes another MBA program in UAE. The Imperial School allows you both the opportunity to learn online at your own pace and on-campus present in Sharjah. For those looking to advance their careers in financial management or investment banking, this is a huge opportunity. Moreover, the course duration for this one is approximately 12 months.

7. Swiss School of Management in Dubai – MBA In Finance

Lastly, the Swiss School present in Dubai also offers you the opportunity to get your MBA degree in finance. Honestly, it is one of the most affordable programs with tuition fees starting from 13,900 euros. Additionally, it is part-time with a duration of 1-2 years, allowing you to focus on other aspects of life.


You have reached the end of our guide. These were the top 7 MBA programs in finance offered in the UAE. All of them have different requirements, course durations, fees, and learning opportunities. Hence, while making the decision of choosing one of the following, determine which one suits you the best.

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