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What are the Five Types of Quantitative Research Methods?

You must indeed have used quantitative research while conducting research for your papers, thesis, or assignments. But do you know if this is even further classified into five different categories? Each one has its importance in the academic journey.

You guys must have bits of information. And that’s why you guys stumbled upon our guide to learn more about this. Isn’t that correct? Well, then, you are in the right place. In our blog, we will explore the five types of quantitative research in depth. So that the next time you are working, you can utilize them accordingly. Come on, stop scrolling, and give our blog post a thorough read. But hold on. Before that, here is an overview of what quantitative research is.

 Quantitative Research – A Small Overview

So, undoubtedly, everyone here must have heard or even know about quantitative research. If we put it into words, then in this type of research, you often work to gather data in the form of stats, numbers, and graphs. And then use it in your work. Here, you identify various trends, facts, and figures concerning your topic.

Now that you have an overview of this research method, let us not sway away from the main point. In the next part, five quantitative research methods are discovered. Let’s go!

 Types of Quantitative Research – Five Different Methods

Since we have established above that there are five different kinds of quantitative methodology. So, let us not drag any more, and straight away delve into the guide to discover what they are. They include:

1. Survey Research Method

Here comes the first and the most common type. It’s a survey research method. As the name suggests, you conduct different surveys on your topic to discover people’s perceptions through numerical data. Small and even big industries use this research method to learn about their customers’ analytics. This ultimately benefits them in learning about their views on their products and services.

In this sort of method, there are two further categorizations. Let us see what they are:

  • Cross-sectional: This research method revolves around collecting info from a large group of the population at the same time to discover their perspectives. Does this work best for retail stores, supermarkets, and even the educational sector?
  • Longitudinal: This is the second most preferred in the applied sciences and medical trials. Here, data is collected from a small group of individuals. Moreover, it has been done over the years.

So, these were two different categories of survey methodology. Now, without wasting any more time, let us move towards another type of quantitative research.

2. Correlational Research

Here comes the second one. As the name suggests, you have to take data from two separate entities here. Then, compare them with one another whilst discovering their impact on one another.

Moreover, if you are using this method for your paper or thesis, you must also have two separate groups. Ultimately, this method is used for analyzing trends and patterns. Hence, if your topic is related to this, choose correlational research. For that, you can even connect with the assignment writing help in Dubai. They will help you in conducting a proper methodology for this. Moreover, they can even do your whole research paper for you. Now, let us check out the third type.

3. Experimental Research

Yep, you read it correctly. The third one is based on multiple experiments. If you need to make a decision, then this method is perfect for use in research work.

Here, you have to determine the effect of the relationship between the two groups. Moreover, the best part of the option for this methodology is that you can use as many sources as you want.

4. Descriptive Research

Here comes the next time. Indeed, by the name, you guys already must have thought about what this means. But, still, let us tell you. The primary goal of this method is to discover the current events or conditions. Moreover, it leans more towards observations rather than focusing on the reasons.

Moving forward, we first have to gather info and then come up with a hypothesis according to it. Do you know of one benefit of using this method? Well, here, you won’t have to verify or prove anything.

5. Causal-Comparative

Here comes the last type of quantitative method. Indeed, you guys must be wondering what it is; well, let us tell you. It is also used to check the equation of two variables together. Here, one variable depends on the second experimental one. Here, you have to determine the effect of an independent variable on the dependent one.


To conclude, quantitative research has five different types, which you guys just discovered above. The usage of them depends on what sort of research work you are doing. Moreover, you can even seek help from professionals to use these quantitative methods in your work.


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