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What are the Features of Academic Writing?

Academic writing is perhaps the most crucial skill in academic contexts. Because writing is the key method of academic communication. So it is as well the toughest skill for students to grasp it. In this article, I am going to discuss what is Academic writing, and what are its key features.

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is writing in which students connect ideas, info, and research to the broader academic community.  Since it might be split into two types. 1st. A student’s academic writing is utilized in the shape of valuation at university. Also on schools like training for university study. 2nd. Expert Academic writing is writing which is intended for use in the publication of an academic book or journal. These types of academic writing are likely to follow the same values. Because this might be hard for students to master it. Below are the features that together separate it from other kinds of writing are which it is:

Features of Academic Writing


So if you want to improve your academic work then you need to organize your structure. Because the structure every so often comes from a kind of writing. For instance, if you are writing a report it will have an intro such as the goal or goals. Also the method part, a discussion part and etc. Whereas an essay will have an intro such as a thesis statement, perfect body paragraphs with topic sentences, and also a conclusion.

Thus, the writing must be clear, with rational progress during the whole writing. Also, organize the many aspects of the writing plainly related. So you need to careful planning prior to writing is vital to make sure the final product will be well organized. You only achieve this, if you have a clear focus and rational progress of ideas.


Critical academic writing ensures more than just explained. So if you are an academic writer, you must not just admit everything you read as fact. Because you have to analyze and evaluate the info that you are writing. To put it another way, create judgments about it, prior to you choose if you know how to add your own writing. Critical writing needs plenty of research in order for the writer to grow a complete acceptance of the topic to become critical about it.

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In academic writing views and opinions must be helped with evidence. Every so often the writing will depend on info from experts in the area of field. Also, you need to reference the info suitably. For instance, over the use of in-text citations and as well reference parts.


Precise is another vital feature. Because you need to utilize clear and precise language to make sure the reader grasps the meaning. This contains the utilized of technical such as certain subject jargon. That must be utilized it expresses the meaning more precisely as compared to related nontechnical terms. Every so often like technical jargon might require defining yet only unless the term is not usually utilized by others. So the reader will not be readily valued in the exact discipline.


The focus of this writing is placed on the debates and info, instead of the writer. So the bottom line is this writing tends to utilize nouns and phrases of nouns over and above verbs and adverbs. It as well tends to utilize more past structures instead of active voice. For instance, he drove the car instead of I drive the car.


Academic writing is extra formal as compared to daily writing. Since it tends to utilize bigger words and more hard sentences. Whereas ignoring decline and spoken or informal words as well as voicing which may be common in spoken English. Thus there are words and contrasts that are utilized in this type of writing. More often as compared to other academic writing and as per research have created lists of words and phrases to aid students of academic English.

How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills?

There are a lot of students who acquire academic devotion for knowledge or like an entrance into their career. Even so, there are specific skills that are needed in every subject and training. It does not matter if you are a biochemist or historian, you will require to be capable create smart essays and reports. For the aim of proving your knowledge about your course. There are many who think this is a tough task. A lot of students are capable to grasp their chosen classes and have a whole knowledge and complete grip on each aspect of the syllabus.

Even so, stating that knowledge in writing is not every time simple. But few people might become naturally talented in writing.  But then the aims of academic writing are very different. There are others who think writing is not only a skill that comes naturally. Below are a few tips that may help you improve your academic writing skills and your grades.

  1. First Utilize Online Editing and correct resources
  2. Don’t ever forget to plan your writing and structure
  3. Just recall what is your reader’s needs
  4. Obtain a review prior to you submit the final copy
  5. You need to write the way you speak
  6. Read and write everything you can


Hence if you want to grow your academic writing you need to read more. You need to read academic journals or texts, you may grow a good grip on the features which create academic writing unique from other kinds of writing.

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