UAE National Day

UAE National Day 2023: Rules for 52nd Union Day Celebration

Every country has some Day to celebrate. Most of the time it’s National Day. The UAE celebrates its national day on 2nd December. Hence, It’s a historic day when the Six emirates, include. Dubai, Umm al-Quwai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Al-Ain, declared their independence from their rulers. These six emirates formed an alliance and laid the foundation of the United Arab Emirates. Later, Ras Al Khaimah also joined this union as the seventh Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Hence, the people celebrate this day as the National Day of UAE.

Official Public Holidays For National Day:

The UAE government announced a long holiday to celebrate the spirit of their National Day. Both the public and private sectors can utilize it. The government has announced the following two national holidays.

 1st December

1st December is declared as “Martyr’s Day.” The government announces a holiday on this day.

 2nd December

2nd December is celebrated as UAE’s National Day. Hence, a public holiday.

By this, they want to encourage the citizens to take part in the celebrations. And recall their historical basis.

Rules for Celebrating the 52nd National Day of the UAE

52nd National Day

According to UAE’s ‘Ministry of Interior’ there are certain guidelines for their citizens. They must follow on their National Day. The citizens of the UAE are excited to celebrate their National Day. Moreover, they are planning various marches and events to celebrate this day.

Thus, these guidelines aim to ensure that the citizens celebrate the day without any trouble or issue.

Now, let’s look at the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Interior of the UAE. It ensures that everyone follows these guidelines at the National Day to avoid any hustle.

Avoid Marches & Random Gatherings

The UAE government advises citizens to avoid participating in marches or random gatherings.

Follow Traffic Rules

All the people celebrating must strictly follow the rules of the traffic. Moreover, they must follow all the instructions provided by the police officers.

Avoid use of Sprays

The UAE government forbids citizens, drivers, or walking people to use any kind of spray in the country.

Tampering of Number Plates is Forbidden

People must not alter their vehicle’s front number plate or rear number plate. Similarly, citizens must not darken the windows or windshields of their vehicles or change the color of their vehicles.

Stickers/Logos are Prohibited

Don’t stick any kind of logos, banners, stickers, or signs to your cars under any situation. The only exception to this rule is attaching Union Day Stickers, and that too under particular conditions.

No Modifications in the Engine

All vehicles must avoid applying any changes or modifications to their engines or exhaust systems. Because it will compromise the look or design of the engine.

Respect the Limit of Occupancy

You must not cross the occupancy limit of the allowed vehicles. Moreover, you should strictly avoid leaving through the sunroof or windows of your vehicle at any time.

Closing of Roads is Forbidden

Under no conditions and without any exceptions, anyone is allowed to shut down the road or disturb the traffic.

No Stunt Driving

The UAE government strictly forbids stunt driving on both internal and external roads on National Day. The UAE government strictly forbids any of such actions.

Keep your Vehicle’s Mirrors Uncovered

You must not cover your vehicle’s front mirror, side mirror, or rearview mirror with a tint or any other signs, stickers, or even posters.

Only the UAE Flag is Allowed

The UAE government allows only the raising of the flag of the UAE. The Officials strictly do not allow to raising of any other country’s flag on National Day.

No Scarves

One should only wear scarves on Union Day, so they should avoid wearing them any other day.

Minimum Volume of Songs

The volume of songs or anthems should be minimal. Moreover, the UAE government only allows Union Day songs permitted.

Only UAE Flags and Posters must be Displayed or Sold

Finally, the authorities strictly forbid shop owners of decoration shops from selling or displaying any flag or signs other than those related to UAE or Union Day.

Officials apply such rules for the safety of every UAE citizen. Thus, we must follow these rules to avoid any harm or legal issues. Non-compliance with these rules will lead to quick fines.

Iconic Events of the UAE National Day, 2023

Events of UAE National Day

A mix of events and celebrations across the country follows the 52nd National Day of the UAE. But you must not miss some events. They are held at amazing places in the UAE. So, if you want to taste the spirit of UAE National Day. And want to enjoy eye-catching fireworks and celebrations. Then, you must not miss these events:

  1. Dubai Fountain
  2. Dubai Fireworks
  3. Abu Dhabi Fireworks
  4. Events At the Dubai Expo
  5. Celebration at Yas Island
  6. Global Village Events
  7. Abu Dhabi Air show
  8. Sheikh Zayed’s Festival
  9. Unity in Parades

So, these are held at famous places during the UAE National Day Celebrations. As a result, these celebrations create an atmosphere of happiness, joy, and love in the country. So, why not visit these places? And make the most of National Day

But it is important to strictly follow the rules and instructions.  This is to avoid any harm. Because these are for our betterment, so, one must understand the rules and guidelines clearly. Hence, It ensures compliance at any cost.

Let’s celebrate your day with the assignment help UAE. It will help you to get the most out of this fun day. So, mark your calendar and get ready. A lot of excitement and fun is coming to UAE. Moreover, you don’t want to miss these exciting events for sure.


You have the end of the guide. Finally, above mentioned are some of the rules of UAE National Day celebrations. Plan your day according to our tips. Because you might not want to miss out on any of these events. As they represent the culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the events are a mixture of amazing and exciting fireworks, live concerts and shows, dancing fountains, and different performances. also, you can even meet your favorite Emirati stars at some of the festivals.

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