Top 5 Reliable Sources For Your Academic Success

Finding academic sources relevant to your research is already tedious, but it becomes nearly impossible when you also need to check their authenticity. Using an unreliable site like Wikipedia is not welcome, even for your two-page essay in middle school.

What is Meant By a Reliable Source?

Before you get to know about the reliable sources for your academic success, you should first understand what, exactly, is a reliable source. Once you come to terms with the meaning of a reliable source, you will better understand the importance of gathering information from one.

Reliable sources are the ones that are not biased and have strong evidence for every claim that they make. In the present era of digitalization, a considerable amount of information from reliable sources can be gathered using the internet, as many government libraries are now online. The most reliable sources are the ones that are connected to government institutions.

Importance Of Reliable Sources?

No one is ever willing to believe in your arguments based on the information you have gathered from Wikipedia, as it is known for its misinterpreted information. So, instead of hiring university assignment writing services take the time to choose reliable sources and make sure your statements resonate with your readers. Scientific studies are expected to be backed up by credible evidence.

In this way, as the author of your work, you will gain the trust and support of your readers. If your main argument comes from a reliable source, they know you haven’t invented anything. Also, it is more than just authority. Unreliable sources may contain inaccuracies and errors, especially detrimental to scientific projects. Because then you have to use a rewriting tool or fix the text differently. So make sure you trust the information.

Need help to find reliable sources? No problem! Our experts have created this fantastic guide. It is not a compilation of essential tips for choosing a dedicated survey site. There are also many examples of authoritative sources you can use for almost any paper you need to write. The following is a list of authentic academic sources you can bookmark for your routine use.


It is the most popular and user-friendly search engine that can display scientific texts on any topic. Google Scholar is free to use and can search all publication formats.


JSTOR is an online library with various sources: books, articles, magazines, etc. Even with limited access, it is beneficial for students. He has also considered one of the most trusted databases as the sources are carefully selected before being placed there.

Microsoft Academic

This web search engine is free to use. It can help you find the literature you need and keep track of the latest scientific publications and research in your field of interest. Moreover, it was renewed in 2016 and offered a more user-friendly interface called SAGE Publisher. With your subscription, this independent publisher gives you free access to scholarly journals and more! Each year they drop thousands of quality content in the form of books and magazines, so they have a good reputation. It’s a source of information.

Taylor and Francis Online

We are known and well-received by many researchers. We publish peer-reviewed journal articles. This online tool gives you access to all of this publisher’s journals. Free admission is limited, so you should check the conditions in advance.

Science Direct

ScienceDirect is an extensive database of scientific and medical literature accessible by subscription. All 18 million of its published works are considered reliable. The tool is, therefore, efficient and reliable for research. Thousands o science students use this source for their assignment writing and get good credits for those assignments.

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