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10 Ways to Increase Word Count in Your Essay

Once you assign an essay with a minimum word count, among the worst feelings are once you think you have finished only to find you are still well below the least you must reach. (Since against too many words). Tons of students tried to solve this problem and then they rewrote the essay sentences to create them longer and wordier or splitting reductions.  On the contrary, these can increase word counts. But then they create the content fragile in the process since too many words lose the quality of the content. It does not need to be this way. So, if you have ever found yourself in a situation where you need to increase the word count of your project. Then below are the top techniques that will aid you.

Top Ways to Increase Word Count in Your Essay?

1. Increase Your Essay Prospect

Since every paper has its writing structure. On the contrary, you can create a basic outline for your paper and then try to extend it.

  1. Intro
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  4. Citation

If you are thinking about long your paper, then you will have to section its structure. With this, you will be capable of increasing the word count of your essay. You can add two or three body paragraphs with headings and subheadings to the discussion. In the end, you can easily boost your paper word count with the help of this. And then in your will paper will look simple.

2. Add Examples

Tons of students skim over the parts of adding examples in their papers. But then examples not only make your paper look authentic but also prove you have a deeper knowledge of the topic. And you did your research. For that, you have to go over the paper and then see where you can place the examples that would be fit to help support the statement.

3. Address Unique Points of View

A useful way to boost word count and boost your essay at once is to address a unique point of view of your own. So, you have the chance to discuss the alternate point of view in what these diverge from the conclusion you have created in your paper. As a result, it can offer you the chance to conclude well and your paper in the end looks stronger. In addition, this also proves that you have a variety of choices to finish the paper strongly.

4. Verify that Begin to the End

Every person knows that the paper begins with an intro and finishes with a conclusion. But then in the process of writing. It becomes very hard for students to add extra things in the introduction and the conclusion.  There are plenty of students who face issues such as loss of words. However, other students begin well but then struggle to conclude well at the end.  In addition, if you are getting tired, then you should hire the essay writing service UAE. As a result, this can create plenty of issues in writing, these are given below.

  1. You do not have much additional info on the introduction part
  2. You face a loss of discussion to finish your paper on a good note

However, if you think about writing the main body first, then you will be easily able to understand the process. Hence this will support you to finish the intro part well with the expected results.

5. Clarify Statements

Once you find the statement in your essay writing, if placing examples does not make any sense. Then what you need to do is to clarify the statement. You can achieve this by placing one or two statements to clarify the original one. Among the most common ways to do this is to write the sentence,’’ in another word’.  But then you need to remember you need to use this statement in every sentence.  However, using it not often you can easily increase the word count of your essay. It also shows you have the strong grip to finish your points well.

6. Input Plenty of Theoretical Information

It does not matter what is your topic of essay or what you are dealing with, the theoretical information will every time increase the length of your paper. So try to add plenty of info in the middle of the paragraph or anywhere where you think it’s suitable.

7. Add Transition Words

Once you can add transition words, it will automatically increase the word count. This specific strategy will focus on your two key skills.

  1. It will increase the readability and engagement of the readers
  2. As well it will also boost the essay volume naïvely

8. Find Extra Sources

One more way to increase the word count of your essay is that you need to find the sources you have not previously stated in the content. This can make your paper look stronger. The more and more you find sources for your paper then there are chances your content of the quality will increase.

9. Find text Quotations

Adding text quotes is an important strategy for boosting the visibility and style of your essay. Moreover, with the help of this strategy, you can easily increase the word count of your paper. As a result, this is a plenty of process to increase the quality of your content and as well the word count of your essay.

10. Rework Introduction and Conclusion

If every of these has not enabled, you to boost the word count of your essay then you must have few fillers.  However, try to place the introduction and conclusion instead of the body paragraph. Plenty of teachers offer more freedom in the introduction and conclusion instead of the body paragraph. In this way, you will have no issue extending the word count of your essay.

Final Thought

In the end, these are our top 10 ways to increase word count in your essay. If you still have any concerns or issues regarding the word count, then feel free consult to your teacher. And they will help you out.

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