Global Warming

How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Global Warming

The Death Effects of Global Warming on Us Climate change is Mother Nature’s worst flaw.  We are the only people she can count on to be there for her. Therefore, we are acting in complete opposition. Also, by removing the trees and increasing greenhouse gas emissions with pesticides. Moreover, burning fossil fuels and other everyday activities. Little by little consuming her.

What is Global Warming?

The observed rise in global temperatures is referred to as climate change or global warming. Therefore, our environment and we have both suffered greatly as a result, but the more we trash the Earth this will get more worse. In addition, a Swedish physicist named Svante Arrhenius created a scientific theory in 1896, according to the Scientific American website. Additionally, He asserted that the atmospheric release of excess carbon dioxide was what generated the “Greenhouse effect.” as a result of it, fossil fuels (like coal) are burned. Nearly 120 years later, Arrhenius was accurate. Along with growing atmospheric CO2, climate change has killed numerous species, their habitats, and humans. The folks who are not only making situations worse but also pose the greatest risk for the foreseeable future. We are living shorter lives and losing more people to climate change’s ongoing effects.


Many people tend to think that the consequences of global warming won’t be felt until much later. ignorant that they have already arrived. In addition, numerous regions of the world are dealing with this issue, as I have already mentioned. Saying that the impacts are not felt or visible is incredibly unsound. In many regions across the world, the temperature has been raised. For example, in the United States, in the year 1995, there were more than 500 fatalities brought on by high heat waves in Chicago, when the temperature rose up to 41°C.

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Keep reading to know more about global warming and its related causes and issues.

Global warming-related fatalities have already more than doubled. The Chicago heat waves are one illustration of this.

Never a hoax, global warming is a proven truth. Global warming hypotheses have been more and more common over the past few years. Among those who work to increase environmental awareness among people worldwide include celebrities, legislators, and international organizations. As global warming gains popularity, the theories underlying it are becoming more contentious to discuss. Moreover, when the earth first formed, “greenhouse gases” were in equilibrium. The existence of these gases in nature is a reality. Given that human activities are mostly to a fault, it is obvious that man is responsible for everything. Global warming has far fewer natural sources than manmade reasons.


One of the main human contributions to global warming is industrialization. Therefore, when industrialization landed on Earth, everything began. Carbon dioxide, halocarbons, nitrous gases, and methane gases all increased on Earth as a result of increased industrialization. Moreover, these kinds of gases have a propensity to build up in the atmosphere, creating a foundation for rising and building up to bigger levels over time, according to Olauson (421). The four gases have increased significantly during the industrialization era. Also, one of the main factors contributing to rising amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the use of fossil fuels for transportation, cement production, and deforestation.

The Release of Greenhouse Gases

The growing global population increases the likelihood of a rise in greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence, the surface temperature was raised by 0.8°C. What harm could there possibly be in being more aware of our surroundings, then? In addition, no response has been given yet. Given that these facts have long been known, ignoring the problem would be detrimental. In addition, some people sigh and withdraw from talks when the topic of global warming is up in order to avoid getting into a contentious argument.

Final Thought

In conclusion, global warming continues to pose a risk, as well as its impacts are one of the reasons why several people are worried about it. Additionally, there has already been global warming. Our attention now needs to be on finding a solution to halt it.

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