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A Complete Guide on Assignment Presentation Formatting

In the world of education, we cannot neglect the significant role of an assignment in evaluating the understanding and knowledge of a student for a particular subject or topic. While your assignment content is one of the key elements of your assignments, how you present it in front of your professors can make a difference. Therefore, today we will be discussing the key elements of professional formatting of assignments to make sure that your assignment leaves a lasting impression on your professors.

Formatting Basics

Before we start discussing the particularities of assignment formatting, let’s learn some basic principles of formatting:

1. Font and Font Size

Always use a standard and readable font like Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial.
The font size should be consistent as well, usually 12-point.

2 Line Spacing

Usually, double-spacing of lines is preferred in writing academic assignments.
However, you must thoroughly read the instructions provided by your institute, as they might have other specific requirements for spacing.

3. Margins

Set margins of 1 inch on each side of your document for a professional look.

4. Title Page


Write a title that correctly represents the content included in your assignment.
The title should be set at the top center of the page.

Student Information

Below the title, write your name, course name, professor’s name, and submission date of the assignment.

Cover Image (if required)

Some of the institutes or professors request cover images as well; you should follow their instructions.

5. Page Numbers


Normally, page numbers are put in your document’s header or footer.
Utilize a constant format, like “1” or “Pg. 1.”


Usually, the page number begins with the document’s first page, i.e., after the title page.

6. Headings and Subheadings

Organize Your Content

Utilize clear and concise headings to professionally organize your assignment. Various heading levels must be identifiable easily to guide the reader through your assignment. Cheap assignment writing services in UAE are always present to help students write their assignments expertly and format them perfectly as per the requirements of your institute or professor.


Keep a consistent style of formatting for every heading, whether it’s italic, underlined, bold, or any other format.

7. Citations and References

Citation Style

You must carefully read the guidelines provided by your institution or professor to check which citation style you should use, like MLA, APA, or Chicago.

In-Text Citations

Correctly cite sources in your content to offer credit to the original writers.

Reference Page

On a separate page at the bottom, list all the sources used in the assignment as per the guidelines of the citation style.

8. Figures and Tables


Label all the tables and figures correctly with suitable captions or titles


Position the tables and figures near their related content, as guided by the instructions of your assignment.

9. Line Spacing and Paragraphs


Utilize line spacing or indentation to separate paragraphs. It will help make your assignment more readable.


Keep the alignment of your content to the left to maintain consistency.

10. Bullet Points and Numbered Lists


Integrate numbers or bullet points when required to improve structuring and clarity.


Keep the same style for numbering or bullet points throughout your document.

11. Proofreading and Spell Check


Review your assignment thoroughly for any grammar or spelling mistakes or errors in formatting.

Spell Check

Run a spell check to identify and correct any typos or other language-related problems.

12. Submission

File Format

Save your file in the required file format as instructed by your professor or institution (for example, MS Word or PDF)

Naming Conventions

You must follow any naming conventions given by your professor or institute while saving and submitting your assignments.


The proper formatting of your assignment is not only about making your assignments look professional or appealing, but it’s about clearly and professionally delivering your ideas. By following our presented guidelines, you can guarantee that your assignments are well-organized, appealing, and adhering to the expectations of your professor. You must always read specific instructions and style guides for citations provided by your institution because they might differ from one assignment to another. But with slight attention to detail and correctly following our tips, you can make your assignments stand out from others.

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