5 Ways For Assisting Students Throughout Ramadan

5 Ways for Assisting Students Throughout Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, As they fast this month from dawn till dusk. Muslims focus on the teachings of Islam in this holy month. Students need special guidance to manage their studies and this month to ensure an ideal workflow.

Prayer Space Management

Make sure that there are designated prayer places that are clean, have enough space to accommodate all of the children, and are stocked with prayer mats. In order for children to complete their daily prayer commitments, it is important to provide them with prayer cards that will allow them to excuse themselves from class. It is especially important to keep this in mind throughout the month of Ramadan.

Considerate Lunchtime Arrangements

The establishment of special areas for children to engage in Islamic arts and crafts or simply relax during lunchtime should be done in a manner that is distinct from the activities that their classmates are participating in. Even while there are a number of children who are excited to go to the canteen, there are others who may have difficulties since they are fasting. It is possible for some children to engage in a partial fast for a half day, while others may participate in a full-day fast alongside the more senior members of their family. In order to consume breakfast before sunrise, children may experience exhaustion during the day. This is because they have to wake up early.

Eid Attendance Considerations

In the event that it is essential, it is important to have conversations with children and their families about the prospect of permitting school absences for Eid celebrations. The Islamic calendar reaches its peak during this week. It is a joyful get-together with immediate family and members of the community. In addition to this, it plays a key part in the process of forming the identities of students. Those students who have just came from countries that practice Islam will usually practice celebrating Eid. Eid is observed as a day off from school. And during this time MBA students can seek MBA assignment help from professionals to complete their homework assignments.

School-Wide Festive Celebrations

During the month of Ramadan, it is good if the schools refrain from hosting any events that involve food. Please take into consideration postponing these events until after Eid in order to guarantee that all children will be able to participate. Organize a school-wide celebration for Eid, featuring traditional dishes during an extended lunch. Ensure the event involves the entire school community. Have a discussion with the pupils to find out what kinds of dishes they typically eat at home during the Eid holiday. students should decorate the class with lanterns and Islamic artwork that was created by each and every child. And you can also arrange for a neighboring Imam to visit the school. They can provide an instructive lesson on the significance of Ramadan and Eid for the Muslim community.

Promoting Cultural Awareness

Include an article in the newsletter focusing on the significant aspects of Ramadan and Eid celebrations. This ensures awareness among parents and children. This will ensure parents and children are aware of the upcoming events. I would appreciate it if you could share a list of any Eid celebrations that are taking place in the neighborhood with nearby mosques. Iftar is a term that refers to the free dinners provided by mosques. These offers to the community regardless of religious affiliation. There is a possibility that mosques would have open days and community festivals on the occasion of Eid. I am asking everyone to participate in a communal feast and join in on the festivities.


Students can effectively get support throughout Ramadan by implementing prayer space management and considerate lunchtime arrangements. And also school-wide festive celebrations, promoting cultural awareness, and accommodating Eid attendance.

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